Mexico Vacation


Everyone talks about how we deserve vacations for working so hard, but I’m going to go one step further and say that vacations are necessary for your mental health & well being. It’s easy to get caught up in the corporate grind and work yourself into exhaustion. In our live-to-work culture it’s incredibly easy to feel burnt out from our jobs, even if we actually love our jobs, we start finding ourselves complaining more about small annoyances and generally dreading mondays because we feel like we need “just one more day”.  

This past week I finally took an actual vacation, one where I was at a resort on a beach the whole time. I didn’t plan a “vacation” to go visit family or friends. This one was just for me (and the friends that came with), but the main goal of the trip was relaxation and rejuvenation. I have never actually taken a vacation where the goal was just to relax. Usually my vacation involve tight travel plans, and visits with many family members or friends, and coming home even more exhausted than when I left. 

Instead of dreading going back to work, I found myself actually looking forward to it because I unplugged for a week and didn’t even look at any of my emails or slack chat or Upwork messages. The only decisions I made all week were what excursions to do with my friends and what we were going to eat for dinner in the evenings. My biggest concern my whole vacation was just making sure I was applying enough spf (and checking in with my dog sitters occasionally). Instead of feeling rushed and in need of one more day just to my self before I go back to work, I feel peaceful and ready to take on the next few months of work.  

So here are the deats on my trip. My friends and I went to the Riu Santa Fe in Cabo, Mexico. It’s an all inclusive resort that is massive, but we spent most of our time by the pool and chairs next ocean.  

Our first night there we relaxed and creepily watched a wedding happening on the beach. We went to the on site steakhouse that night and discovered that all-inclusive does not include tip when our poor waitress asked if we were leaving a tip. We all felt super awkward but made sure to tip generously the rest of the trip.  

The next day my dreams come true when Liza and I went horseback riding by the ocean. Then later that afternoon we walked down the beach to a hot spot in town called Mango Deck where Caleb won “most macho” in a weird dance/grind competition on the main stage. It was hilarious and I highly recommend you go there if you’re planning a trip to Cabo.  

On my last day there we rented a boat to go out to see the Arch and snorkel on a private beach. Sam, Caleb, and I just floated in our inner tubes drinking beer while Liza and Mark snorkeled and tried to find fish. We laid in the nets on the boat on our way back and got both sunburned and soaked but had the best time. It was amazing. We finished the night laying in lounge chairs by the ocean and observing all the strange people that come out at night (like the super high guy who walked in figure 8's for like hours). 

If I would do anything different if would be to stay just one more day and spend the entire day reading and listening to the waves crashing on the shore just a little longer. Overall planning a trip with your friends is stressful and annoying at times but worth it all in the end because you will have memories that will last forever. Also highly recommend being the only single person on a trip with your friends and their significant others, you'll be the only one with your own room!